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Types of Hearing Aids

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Receiver in Canal (RIC) Hearing Aid

Receiver in Canal (RIC) Hearing Aid


  • Small, virtually invisible
  • Popular choice for first-time wearers
  • Suitable for almost any type of hearing loss



Lyric Extended Wear Hearing Aid
  • A completely invisible hearing aid that can be worn 24/7 for months
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Sold on subscription and replaced every 120 days by a hearing care professional


Behind the Ear (BTE) Hearing Aid


Behind the Ear (BTE) Hearing Aid
  • The most common style of hearing aid
  • Bigger than an RIC hearing aid
  • Suitable for any type of hearing loss
  • Typically used for severe to profound hearing loss



Completely in the Canal (CIC) Hearing Aid


Completely in the Canal (CIC) Hearing Aid
  • One of the smallest styles of custom made products—it’s almost invisible after insertion
  • Suitable for many types of hearing loss
  • For the appearance-conscious wearer, can be made even less visible in a NANO model

In the Canal (ITC) Hearing Aid


In the Canal (ITC) Hearing Aid
  • Fills the outer ear
  • Used for higher degrees of hearing loss
  • A slightly larger custom made product than the CIC hearing aid
  • The smallest hearing aid to use directional microphones, which help wearers hear better in noise

In the Ear (ITE) Hearing Aid


In the Ear (ITE) Hearing Aid
  • A custom made hearing aid that fills the outer ear.
  • The larger size of the ITE hearing aid makes it suitable for higher degrees of hearing loss
  • More powerful than some smaller custom hearing aids

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Available in RIC and BTE styles, rechargeable models boast a 6-year battery life and 20-24 hours of use on a single charge. Only a 3 hour charge time and 30 min quick charge giving over 6 hours of power for busy days, rechargeable hearing aids are a great option for most wearers.



Accessories and Smart Apps

Listen to the TV or smart device (tablet or cellphone) without bothering anyone, clear direct streaming of TV and smart device sound to the hearing aids. No cables or extra devices to charge, just turn on the TV and the sound automatically plays in the hearing aids. Use smart apps to further adjust the hearing aids without searching for a remote control. No smartphone, no problem. Remote controls are still available for simple operation of the hearing aids.


Other Hearing Products

We also carry a wide range of accessories and other hearing protection products:


  • Hearing aid accessories: batteries, remote controls, Bluetooth® streamers
  • Custom molded ear plugs, swimplugs and sleep plugs
  • Custom musicians’ plugs in ER 9, 15 or 25
  • Custom molded music monitors in single, double or triple drivers – available in soft silicone or acrylic
  • Assistive listening devices, including TV ears and amplified telephones
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