Discover Lyric, the First Invisible-from-the-Outside Hearing Aid

Made by Phonak, Lyric is the world’s first hearing aid that’s totally invisible from the outside and can be worn 24/7 for months at a time. Boardwalk Hearing is an authorized Lyric partner, and we are pleased to introduce you to this exciting hearing aid technology in White Rock.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Completely invisible hearing aid and can be worn 24/7
  • Offers top-class sound quality, thanks to optimal positioning close to the eardrum
  • Can be worn for up to four months without interruption, thanks to its specifically developed battery technology
  • At 12 mm long, it’s extremely compact
  • Available in various sizes
  • Optimal fit in the ear canal and excellent wearing comfort due to biocompatible soft foam seals
  • Can use earphones, telephones, stethoscopes and more without problem and without feedback
  • SoundLync remote control included for switching the device on and off and for adjusting the volume
  • Specially developed protection against moisture and wax
  • Removable anytime as necessary
  • Lyric is replaced with a new device by a hearing care professional

Lyric on Subscription

Lyric must be replaced at least every 120 days by an authorized hearing care professional. For this reason, Lyric is sold on subscription, and you can choose whether to subscribe for one year or opt for a subscription lasting several years.*

Why consider a hearing aid on subscription?

  • You will receive regular and proficient care and support from an authorized hearing care professional.
  • You will benefit from the very latest Lyric technology every time your device is replaced.
  • Your hearing performance will be checked on a regular basis.
  • There will be no unexpected repair costs involved.
  • You will always be wearing a state of the art device that is in top condition.
  • You will save money by not having to purchase devices individually.

*The maximum subscription period varies according to the legislation of different countries.

My Way to Lyric

It just takes three easy steps!

  1. Contact Boardwalk Hearing, an authorized Lyric hearing care professional. You’ll get to see how Lyric works and learn more about the next steps.
  2. Find out if Lyric is right for you. Our hearing professional will examine you to determine if Lyric is the right hearing aid choice for you. If not, other attractive hearing loss solutions are available.
  3. Get a new device at regular intervals. Because Lyric is available on subscription, you can wear your device for up to 4 months without interruption, and then we will replace it with a brand new device.

Lyric at a Glance

Lyric Ear

Lyric on Subscription

Lyric Extended Wear Useful Resources | Learn about hearing loss

Here's what our clients are saying

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“They are fantastic and I certainly highly recommend them. Thank you for suggesting them. They are a God send.”

--Sherrold H.

President, Flag Automotive

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