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An elderly couple cycling across a beautiful path.


If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, we recommend that you contact Boardwalk Hearing to schedule a hearing test.

I have a problem hearing over the telephone.
I have trouble following the conversation when more than one person is talking at the same time.
I have trouble understanding the television.
I have to strain to understand conversations.
I have difficulty hearing conversations in noisy places like crowded rooms or restaurants.
I often misunderstand words in sentences and have to ask others to repeat themselves.
I have trouble understanding the speech of women and children in particular.

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  • 65% of people with hearing loss are younger than 65 years of age. 

  • Attending a musical concert or using a lawnmower without ear protection for more than 30 minutes can cause permanent hearing loss.

  • People typically wait 5 - 7 years after first experiencing hearing loss symptoms before seeking help.

  • Hearing instruments can improve communication and quality of life in more than 90% of people with hearing loss. Despite this, 75% of people diagnosed with hearing loss do nothing about it.

  • People with hearing loss are 5 times more likely to seek a hearing solution if they are given a positive recommendation by their physician.

  • Hearing loss is associated with a 24% increase in the risk of cognitive decline compared to normal hearing.

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